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Upholstery Cleaning

Don't replace your favorite sofa or chair. Let the experts at Albuquerque Carpet Care restore the beauty and extend the life of your favorite upholstered furniture.

Let's face it, home furnishings are expensive. An investment to be protected and preserved. And unless you're like my great aunt who kept her couch looking like new by covering it with a clear plastic slip-cover, your home furniture could probably use a good cleaning.

Upholstery cleaning is one of our specialties. Our knowledgeable technicians will identify the fabric type of your furniture and use the proper cleaning technique for the best, safest, and longest lasting results. Our years of experience with a variety of upholstered fabrics has given us the expertise you deserve with even the most delicate fabrics. You can trust us when its time to have your upholstery cleaned.

We use a truck-mounted dual process cleaning method and only name brand shampoos that keep the colors in your upholstery rich and vibrant. We start with the application of a mildly heated pH-balanced fabric cleaning solution. We then follow with a fiber rinse and extraction that removes the dirt and the cleaning solution leaving your upholstery looking its best and with a fresh scent. Experience the difference today and rejuvinate the look of your home. Call us today to schedule an appointment.