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Carpet Cleaning

At Albuquerque Carpet Care we are the best at what we do. Nobody in the area can even touch us in quality and fair price. I'm so confident about the equipment, techniques, and level of service that we provide that I will come to you and give you a free demonstration to show you that I mean what I say. Call us now to schedule your free demo.

We will make your carpet look its absolute best - in many cases it will come out looking brand new. Your carpet will, as a result, stay cleaner longer. Some cleaning methods leave a film that actually attracts dirt and grime and holds on to it making it difficult to lift out with a vacuum cleaner. Our state-of-the-art cleaning methods don't leave a film and clean thoroughly down to the base leaving your carpet luxuriously soft and staying clean much longer. Keeping your carpet this clean keeps it in better shape and extends its life. A money-saver when you really look at it.

Proper carpet cleaning always starts with a preconditioner. The preconditioner contains a minimum of detergent, but is mildly heated to increase its reactivity. It is sprayed on and surrounds the soil and loosens the soil so that it may be more easily collected.

Steam-cleaning is the next step and is the method recommended by nearly all carpet manufacturers. This is the only method of "deep cleaning" out there. It removes soil from deep in the pile and doesn't leave the residue that other methods do. This is also the healthiest method because the dirty air and humidity are vented outdoors rather than recirculated throughout the house.

First, a fine spray of hot water forces dirt up and out of the carpet. Then this grime is sucked up by the vacuum slot immediately behind it. The solution of hot water and mild detergent are immediately gathered by a powerful vacuum and whisked away to a holding tank in our truck.

A fresh-water rinse and vacuum extraction are the finishing touch. This leaves the carpet clean and free of dirt-attracting residues. The powerful vacuum extraction leaves your carpet nearly dry. Carpet is fully dry within one or two hours.

Our steam cleaning system generates 10 to 20 times more power than shampooing, portable, dry cleaning, bonnet cleaning, and carbonated cleaning systems.

Our friendly, experienced, certified technicians will make the experience a comfortable and positive one.